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Congress' verdict on Roberts

September 22, 2005

Your Sept. 20 editorial advocates that Democrats in the Senate vote to "Confirm Roberts." Why? John G. Roberts Jr. has an extensive record of advocating positions that are in opposition to core Democratic beliefs; voting for his confirmation would be voting against those beliefs. Roberts will be confirmed. The American people assured that when they turned control of the Senate over to the Republicans. The Democrats are the opposition party, so why shouldn't they oppose? Your editorial makes no sense.




I was pleasantly surprised to read your editorial, "Confirm Roberts." For the past year or so your editorial page had become a joke. The L.A. in L.A. Times clearly stood for leftist agenda. One can only hope that with your recent change of personnel there will be a dawning of a new day.


\o7Newport Beach


What a nasty, threatening little editorial that was: Confirm or else!

George Bush's choices, such as the goofy John Bolton for U.N. ambassador or Michael Brown for FEMA head, certainly show what his tastes are. I hope the Democrats and Republicans find the courage to vote Roberts down.




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