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Two sides of the coin on China trade

April 02, 2006

In "Misguided backlash" (editorial, March 24), you note that tariffs on China would most likely favor Vietnam or Indonesia. That would be a good thing, spreading America's dependence to other nations and aiding both democracy and economic growth in Southeast Asia.


Prague, Czech Republic


Your editorial rant against the legislative attempt by Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) to even the playing field in U.S.-China trade relations made absolutely no sense. Don't do it, you say, because it will anger the Chinese and they will retaliate. Hardly. There is no weapon in the Chinese trade arsenal that would not be overwhelmed by a significant reduction in U.S. purchases of Chinese products. Instead of our consumer dollars supporting Chinese jobs, pollution, oppression of its workers and political prisoners, a few jobs might even be created in the United States. Of course, this is such a sensible move that, given our president and his kowtowing to K Street, it will never happen. Still, it is shocking to find The Times so clearly on the side of oppression, pollution and the sorry political status quo.


\o7Kailua Kona, Hawaii


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