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Thanks, anger over images of war wounded

April 04, 2006

Re "Bringing Back the Wounded With Heart, Soul and Surgery," April 2

A special thanks to The Times and Army Staff Sgt. Vincent Worrell and his family for finally bringing the face of this war home. I sincerely hope your readers had the stomach to read the entire article. It takes more than a magnetic ribbon to support the people who are suffering and dying in this deceptive adventure. The press owes them and the American people the truth about the real costs of war and its tragic face.


Westlake Village


Thank you for showing us the real pain and suffering of our brave men and women in the armed forces. The Bush administration has done its best to keep this a secret, but let these soldiers' pain be our pain. Their tears are my tears.

President Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and all the other neocons who lied us into this horror should be forced to look at these pictures every morning when they wake up and every evening before they go to sleep.


Manhattan Beach


My two small children screamed and cried. Why? They saw the horrific, wholly gratuitous photo of the injured soldier on the front page of your April 2 paper. Your partisan nonsense has now become intolerable. Shakespeare had your ilk pegged long ago: "O shame, where is thy blush?" Cancel my subscription.




Your antiwar bias was in full swing when you used the large, full-color shot of the wounded Army staff sergeant on the front page. Was it necessary to use that graphic image to convey the point of your story? I believe that most rational, thinking Americans understand that there are terrible losses of life and injuries in this war.

I suggest that The Times start a new tradition and show us the graphic results of what a car crash can do to the human body, or a fire, or a dog bite, or maybe a plane crash. The Times would be doing a real public service to all us dopes by getting the word out on just how awful these injuries can look too.


Costa Mesa

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