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The market rate doesn't apply here

April 04, 2006

Re "State Workers' Low Rents Not So Cozy for Taxpayers," April 1

Our public parks facilities cannot be compared with the going rate of commercial rentals, as Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine) would do. Following his example of similar rental properties, we should be charging the lonely, risk-taking fire-watch workers for the "fabulous view" they get -- or how about the "seaside view" for lifeguards? It is false logic to use private, corporate real estate accounting practices as the measurement of good government performance, so stop it.


South Pasadena


Without housing there could never be enough state employees in the areas where they are needed most, and paying market value is not usually possible on state salaries. DeVore should be less concerned about the view some state employees may have and show more appreciation of the job they are required to do. Rather than look at this as a $4.7-million loss, he should see it as a gain that cannot be measured in dollars -- or is park safety not an issue for him?



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