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Bringing out the big guns

Old West Showdowns, Killer Comedies And Battle Scars Of Vietnam Mark Spring Viewing Rites.

April 09, 2006


Delicatessen. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet creates a world in which cannibalism is the meal of choice for a butcher and apartment building owner. But things run slightly aground when his daughter falls in love with one of the tenants in this wickedly funny comedy. Buena Vista: $29.99, May 2.

A Fine Madness. Imagine Sean Connery as a frustrated poet living with his wife (Joanne Woodward) in New York City, at work on a masterpiece until he encounters the wife (Jean Seberg) of his psychiatrist. Warner Bros.: $19.97, June 20.

Last Holiday. Queen Latifah updates the wistful 1950s Alec Guinness movie as a woman who decides to have fun in her final days. Paramount: includes deleted scenes, featurettes, $29.99, May 2.

The Loved One. Cinephile fave based on Evelyn Waugh's book on the mortuary business. Directed by Tony Richardson and starring Robert Morse, Jonathan Winters, Dana Andrews and many more. Warner Bros.: $19.97, June 20.

Moonstruck. Amore Italiano in Brooklyn with Oscar winners Cher (for best actress) and Olympia Dukakis (for supporting actress), and Nicolas Cage and Danny Aiello, directed by Norman Jewison. Sony: with interviews, documentaries and a tour of Little Italy, $19.94, April 18.

Mrs. Henderson Presents. Stephen Frears directs Oscar-nominated Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins in this sendup of a '30s West End production that dispenses with clothing. Genius/Weinstein: includes featurette and interviews, $28.95, April 18.

Petulia. Four years after "A Hard Day's Night," director Richard Lester made this little satire on love, marriage and divorce and its attendant problems, starring Julie Christie, George C. Scott and Richard Chamberlain. Warner Bros.: $19.97, June 20.

The Princess Bride. Rob Reiner's fairy tale about love truly conquering all. Robin Wright Penn is Princess Buttercup, Cary Elwes is her childhood sweetheart, Westley, who becomes the Dread Pirate Roberts attempting to save her from a marriage to Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon). Sony: two discs, with documentaries, featurettes and commentaries, $24.96, June 13.

The Ringer. Johnny Knoxville stars as a man who poses as handicapped thinking he can enter the Special Olympics, win and pay off a debt. Fox: $29.99, May 16.

The Wedding Singer: Totally Awesome Edition. Adam Sandler pairs with Drew Barrymore in this popular flick about a man finding love again after being dumped at his own wedding. New Line: includes cut footage and an '80s mix tape, $19.97, April 25.


Animation & Children

The Chipmunk Adventure. While David Seville takes off on a European trip, Alvin and the other chipmunks dream of adventure and set in motion more than they bargained for. Paramount. Includes original artwork and story panels, $14.99, May 23.

Dumbo: New Big Top Edition. Classic Disney animation on display in the story of a little elephant who puts his oversize ears to good use. Hipsters will particularly appreciate the "Pink Elephants on Parade" segment. Buena Vista: includes featurettes, animated shorts and a DisneyPedia on circus animals, $29.99, June 6.

Patlabor the Movie. Advanced robotic vehicles called Labors designed to help rebuild quake-devastated Tokyo are threatened with a virus. This Japanese animated classic was directed by Mamoru Oshii ("Ghost in the Shell," "Jin-Roh"). Image: includes trailers, commercials and interviews, $29.99 (Collector's Edition: $89.99), April 25.



Un Coeur en Hiver (A Heart in Winter). Claude Sautet's film about a female violinist seeking to penetrate the isolation and austerity of a violin maker while involved in an affair with his business partner. Koch Lorber: $29.98, Sept. 5.

The Bette Davis Collection: Volume 2. Contains "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?," "Jezebel," "The Man Who Came to Dinner," "Marked Woman" and "Old Acquaintance." Warner Bros.: seven discs, documentary narrated by Susan Sarandon, $59.92, May 30.

Body and Soul. John Garfield is a prizefighter who is sucked into mob corruption but finds a way to redeem himself in this 1947 film against which subsequent boxing movies are often judged. Paramount: $14.99, May 16.

Breakfast on Pluto. Neil Jordan's film about a cross-dressing Irish innocent (Cillian Murphy) who goes to London in search of his birth mother and encounters strange doings. Sony: includes featurette and commentaries, $24.96, April 18.

Clark Gable Signature Collection. Contains "Boom Town," "China Seas," "Dancing Lady," "Mogambo," "San Francisco" and "Wife vs. Secretary." Warner Bros.: six discs, $59.92, June 20.

Elevator to the Gallows. Louis Malle's debut as a director, starring Jeanne Moreau as a woman who arranges to have her husband killed by a lover. Criterion: includes interviews with Malle and Moreau, footage of Miles Davis improvising the atmospheric score, $39.95, April 25.

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