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Praise for plan on homelessness

April 11, 2006

Re "One plan to lead them all," editorial, April 6

How do you propose to "come up with a more realistic approach to dealing with homelessness in Los Angeles"? Before you mouth off about how the recommendations in the 10-year plan to end homelessness announced Thursday are unachievable, ask yourself why those recommendations are in there. Maybe you can come up with a counter plan that will be more "realistic."

Realistic hasn't gotten us very far. The crisis of homelessness is beyond an approach that will be contained in a simple action plan. Some of the recommendations in the plan are already being taken up by the county, the city of L.A. and other cities.

It is important to challenge ourselves to do more than what you deem a realistic approach that won't amount to much more than keeping the status quo.

I'd hate to think you are toying with the lives of the poorest by not supporting a plan that dares to do more than just the same old thing.


Los Angeles


Re "Possible Homeless Centers Identified," April 6

I, for one, am thrilled that none of the new homeless centers will be in Culver City. And unlike the hypocritical liberals who populate West L.A., I embrace my NIMBYism. I've worked too hard to provide for my family. And, frankly, there's no shame in saying I don't want the fruits of my labor spoiled by roaming, alcohol-sodden bums.


Culver City

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