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Artichoke's ardent fans speak out

April 12, 2006

TREMENDOUSLY enjoyed the artichoke article ["Look Out, It's Thistle Fever!" by Amy Scattergood, April 5]. There is nothing like true homage to a noble vegetable.


Los Angeles


LEAVE my artichoke alone! Last Sunday we went to Cannons in Dana Point where for years we had always ordered the artichoke with dill sauce and butter. To our horror we were served a mutilated artichoke -- a third of the top cut off and the center scooped out and filled with mushrooms. The waitress said the cook was being "creative." Thanks a lot! Go put marshmallows in the jello and leave my artichoke alone.

Then the Food section arrives with that article on artichokes filled with mushrooms, etc., and wrapped in bacon.

Is this "creative month for artichokes" or something weird?


Costa Mesa

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