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Condemnation of gays is not Christian

April 13, 2006

Re "Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies," April 10

There is no scientific evidence that one is born a Christian or any other religious denomination. Religious preference is a chosen lifestyle. So, when evangelical Christians rail against homosexuals for their chosen lifestyle, they are also making the case for religious intolerance. One chooses his or her religion, so whether or not sexual orientation is a choice is irrelevant.

What is relevant is whether or not the choice harms society, and at this point the greatest evidence of harm to society comes from the choice to be an evangelical Christian. And I say that as a former evangelical Christian.




This article fails to note that most Christians condemn bigotry and discrimination against the gay children of God. Jesus said nothing about homosexuality -- unless you think he meant to include gays and lesbians when he said not to judge others and to love your neighbor as yourself. Surely he did. Levitical law may have condemned homosexuality -- along with eating pork and shellfish or getting tattoos. But mainstream Christians know that those restrictions are superseded by a new law of love, acceptance and respect for others. Please do not legitimize hate speech against gays by calling it "Christian." It clearly isn't.


Board President

San Diego Foundation for Change


According to the Anti-Defamation League, 64% of adult Americans and 80% of evangelical Christians believe that religion is under attack in this country. What nonsense!

We have people of every faith holding public office these days, as well as those with diverse sexual orientations.

Try running for office as an atheist, and then you'll know who the real underdog is.


La Habra

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