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At One With Neil Young

April 16, 2006

I recently viewed "Neil Young: Heart of Gold," and there were about 40 others in the theater, many of whom, like me, were all alone ("Forever Young," by Dan Neil, 800 Words, March 26). It was a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon. Riding an emotional roller coaster, I cried silently during many of the songs in which Young hit my personal chords and silently celebrated the inherent joy expressed in others.

Steven Pinsker

Santa Barbara


Neil's comments captured my sentiments exactly. My favorite part was his description of buying a guitar to play Young's songs. Though I didn't buy one, my college roommate taught me on his how to play "On the Way Home," "I Am a Child" and "Sugar Mountain"--the only songs I ever learned. And, like Neil, I serenaded a few girls (one is now my wife) with those songs. Those memories are precious. His article was spot-on.

Bob Shapiro


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