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Max Boot comes up with some loco ideas

April 16, 2006

Re "Fighting for citizenship," Opinion, April 12

This has to be one of the dumbest ideas yet. Max Boot wants people who may not speak English well to put their lives on the line, and if they survive, he would give them citizenship.

I think most would continue to come in illegally and live a reasonably safe life, as they are already doing. As for their children, they usually are born here, so they already have citizenship, and we are already sending them to Iraq. .

If we are running out of kids for the military, how about enlisting the children of the Washington politicians who either support the war in Iraq or are sitting there saying nothing?


Santa Ana


Thanks to Boot for highlighting one more job that most Americans are unwilling to perform. When his plan is implemented, our military should be well-prepared to invade Mexico and Central America.


El Cajon

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