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You Call This 'Beautiful'?

April 23, 2006

I understand that Felipe Dupouy's piece was a photo essay and not an expose of the garment industry ("The Sewing Rooms," Men's Fashion Issue, April 9). However, the callous nature of the captions was unbelievable. In a photo, I saw paint coming off the ceiling, holes in the floor and rags covering the windows. The caption mentioned that "it's beautiful--the way the light bounces around." Thousands of workers in downtown L.A. work in substandard conditions and don't find it "beautiful."

Mark Elinson

Los Angeles


Dupouy's photos brought back some long-buried memories. The rooms looked very similar to the ladies' blouse factory my late father owned in El Monte in the 1960s. I remember spending wonderful hours there, watching the seamstresses and helping button buttons and tie tags. The workstations, hanging racks and bins seem to be identical to those in my 9-year-old child's memory.

Breena Prater

Santa Clarita

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