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Deal would be shortsighted

April 26, 2006

Re "Army Seeks Buyer for L.A. Land," April 24

I am a nurse at the veterans hospital in West Los Angeles and a disabled veteran. Reading that the Army is about to sell our land to wealthy developers is a slap in the face of every veteran. Perhaps the Army doesn't want its troops to see what may await them in the near future.

This land was donated to veterans; little by little it is being taken away. Will our veterans now have to look up to clean, modern towers filled with affluent citizens looking down on them? Use the land for generations to come, not for the money today.


Quartz Hill


Another shortsighted action is about to happen. Prime real estate is set to go on the auction block, an action that overlooks the fact that there are about 17,000 soldiers wounded in Iraq, half of whom are unable to return to active duty and who will need long-term medical and psychological treatment once they come home. The facilities of the nearby Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the UCLA Medical Center afford the best possible medical attention for these returning veterans. Don't let this precious piece of property pass into the hands of developers who are interested only in enhancing their profits while squeezing out those most deserving.



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