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Half the distance, all the satisfaction

August 07, 2006|Jeannine Stein

If you're thinking about doing a marathon but daunted by the mileage, consider the half-marathon. It's an excellent physical and mental challenge but isn't as demanding on the body or the schedule. Thing is, proper training is a must. "Half-Marathon: You Can Do It" by Jeff Galloway (Meyer & Meyer Sport Ltd., 2006) provides everything that both novice and experienced runners need to know.

-- Jeannine Stein


"Half-Marathon: You Can Do It" This is the latest running guide from Galloway, a highly respected Atlanta-based running coach and former Olympian who believes in safe and sane training to minimize injuries and better enjoy the journey. "Half-Marathon" includes detailed training schedules, running drills, information on nutrition and running form, tips for race day, troubleshooting advice for aches and pains, and ways to find half-marathon races.

In a chapter titled "Destroying Excuses," Galloway counters the "I have too much work to do" cop-out with the fact that running reduces stress, revs up energy levels and fosters a better attitude. There's even information on dealing with weather variables, from extreme cold to heat. Through it all, the author emphasizes the importance of taking rest days and not overtraining, even when the runner's high kicks in.

Half-marathons may not get quite the attention marathons do, says Galloway, but interest is growing. "In a half-marathon," he says, "you get less than half of the arduousness and the aches and pains, but more than half of the satisfaction and achievement." He adds, "The marathon delivers so much, bringing the body, mind and spirit together, and the half-marathon is right there too."

Price: $16.95, available at bookstores.

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