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Population milestone is no joke

August 18, 2006

Re "Ready for 300 million," editorial, Aug. 13

Crossing a perilous 300-million-person threshold is apparently a laughing matter for the editorial board. Sadly, as gridlock grinds traffic to a halt, water reserves dwindle, airborne particulates proliferate and congestion inhibits freedom of mobility, we will increasingly find that this joke is on us.


Petoskey, Mich.


The flippant attitude displayed by The Times about the 300-million-person milestone (America's explosive population growth) is another example of the press grown completely out of touch with readers. The public is not amused by the effects of domestic overpopulation, which decreases quality of life daily. In truth, 300 million is more millstone than milestone.

California in particular suffers from increased taxes, failing schools, overwhelmed transportation infrastructure, etc., which are symptoms of immoderate growth. Of course, even crushing American overpopulation is celebrated rather than condemned in the media because of its cause: namely, excessive immigration, both legal and illegal.



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