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Right to the point

Daniel Hackett passed up his senior season in high school to join USC's basketball team, and Floyd is glad to have him

December 14, 2006|Ben Bolch | Times Staff Writer

"It was some sad times, but I just kept telling myself that I had to do it and that it's going to be better times," he said. "Now I'm here and we played at Kansas on national TV. That's a big chance that I have right there to take the next step."

Not everyone agreed with Hackett's decision. Some of his former high school classmates thought it was selfish to walk out on friends on the eve of his senior year.

But those closest to Hackett realized he was just trying to help his new school. And he has won a new set of admirers along the way.

"It makes him different," Floyd said. "It makes him goal-oriented, it makes him driven, it makes him probably a little more mature than most people are at that age. He's a self-starter and a bright guy."



On-the-job training

The game-by-game performance of Daniel Hackett, USC's 18-year-old freshman guard:

*--* Opponent MP TP A Rb TO South Carolina 32 13 3 7 3 St. Mary's 26 0 2 1 2 The Citadel 23 4 2 6 4 Long Beach State 23 1 6 4 2 Miss. Valley State 27 4 2 2 2 Loyola Marymount 24 7 3 1 5 Kansas 35 9 3 2 5 George Washington 33 18 4 4 3



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