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This TV Team May Have the Best Coach

January 05, 2006|Larry Stewart | Times Staff Writer

The ESPN "College GameDay" crew of Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit, after they finish on the air, watch games from the comfort of a motor coach that follows them from site to site.

Their pictures and the name of their show adorn the motor coach, which was at the Rose Bowl on Wednesday.

Driver Bobby Stephens said that last year, while he was driving through New Mexico, he was stopped by a state trooper.

Stephens, who drives the bus while the crew flies, said, "I couldn't figure it out. I was traveling under the speed limit, and pointed that out to the officer. He said, 'I know. I stopped you to see if Kirk Herbstreit was on the bus. I'm a big fan.' "

Trivia time: The press box at the Rose Bowl was jampacked Wednesday. What year was it renovated from a capacity of about 330 to more than 1,200?

Fancy feet: ESPN's Kenny Mayne, who will be among the contestants on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" tonight, was in the television complex at the Rose Bowl. Mayne said he wasn't sure how he was picked for the show along with such celebrities as Jerry Rice.

"At least now I can cha-cha," Mayne said.

If he advances, maybe he can get some ballroom dancing lessons from Matt Leinart.

There's always yoga: The Miami Dolphins' Ricky Williams plans to spend a month in India studying advanced yoga, prompting Greg Cote of the Miami Herald to ask, "Then again, who among us hasn't?"

Chairman of the bored: Williams, when interviewed after Sunday's game against New England, wasn't particularly impressed by Doug Flutie's drop kick. When one of the reporters pointed out that it hadn't been done in the NFL in 64 years, Williams asked, "Are you guys that bored?"

Title possibilities: Randy Hill of, making predictions for 2006, says, "Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant will collaborate on a cookbook with the working title 'The Last Seasoning.' "

Along the same lines, reader Janice Hough suggests this title for Jackson's next book: "The Last-Place Season."

Greener grass: Another 2006 prediction from Hill: "In preparation for USC's visit in 2007, the grounds crew at Notre Dame Stadium will sell its lawn mowers."

Looking back: On this day in 1991, Kevin Bradshaw of U.S. International scored 72 points against Loyola Marymount to break Pete Maravich's NCAA Division I single-game scoring record of 69. But Loyola Marymount set an NCAA team scoring record in winning, 186-140.

Trivia answer: 1991.

And finally: After Kobe Bryant took 37 shots, made only 13 and dished off only four assists in an overtime loss to Memphis on Dec. 28, Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote, "The Lakers pay Phil Jackson $10 million a year for this? Jeanie Buss could coach that offense."


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