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Red carpet's very fiber

E! will be on the Golden Globes' welcome mat for 10 hours.

January 12, 2006|Maria Elena Fernandez | Times Staff Writer

CELEBRITIES pulling up in limos. Celebrities jumping out of limos.

Celebrities walking up to the red carpet. Celebrities walking on the red carpet.

Celebrities posing on the red carpet. Celebrities talking on the red carpet.

Celebrities entering the Beverly Hilton. Celebrities waving bye-bye.

For 10 hours, E! Entertainment Television will offer viewers an unprecedented look at Monday's Golden Globes red carpet madness, with its four new hosts: anchor Ryan (does the man sleep?) Seacrest, who will control traffic, as he put it, from a "tower perch"; Style Network talk-show host Isaac Mizrahi; "E! News" co-anchor Giuliana DePandi and Debbie Matenopoulos, former co-host of "The View" on ABC, who signed her deal hours before her fellow hosts met with television critics at the Ritz-Carlton Huntington Hotel in Pasadena on Tuesday.

Four hosts and 10 hours of coverage with 17 cameras? Does the public want to know that much about who is wearing what, who came with whom and what celebrity missteps (we can only hope) might be captured?

Oh yes, assured Seacrest, the host of the weekly "American Top 40" radio show, L.A.'s KIIS-FM (102.7) morning radio show and Fox's juggernaut "American Idol." Just look at how many people buy tabloid magazines and watch entertainment TV shows, Seacrest added.

"It's the first shot you get to see of these celebrities," said Seacrest, who was sitting on a white couch on a flashy red set in one of the hotel's ballrooms. " ... Our culture is still very interested in celebrity. This is live, spontaneous programming. It's not contrived."

The cable network believed it had to come up with something when it lost Joan and Melissa Rivers to the TV Guide Channel, according to Ted Harbert, president and chief executive of E! who helped put together the new team.

Seacrest promises a fast-paced two-hour show, replete with split-screen coverage and interviews, not just "You look fabulous!" commentary, from 6 to 8 p.m. After the Golden Globes are awarded, E! will air a live, post-show special from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Not to be forgotten is the six hours of "countdown" coverage from noon to 6 p.m.

"People at the network are looking at it as an opportunity to say something about pop culture," explained Mizrahi, a fashion designer who was not wearing socks this day, saying that they made his feet claustrophobic.

Seacrest's deal with E! extends beyond Hollywood's awards season. In March, Seacrest will become managing editor and lead anchor of "E! News," joining DePandi. He also will produce series for the channel through his production company.

"What I do for a living is very easy," he said. "Whether it's on 'American Idol,' or on the radio or on my talent service to E!, my job is to keep shows moving. My role is more of a conduit."

A conduit who will run the show from a "tower perch."

"He's going to be on his damn high horse again," Mizrahi joked.

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