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A coming attraction

It's a classic Hollywood remake: Barclay Butera transforms an Airstream trailer into a luxury lounge for the on-the-go film set.

January 26, 2006|David A. Keeps

Park City, Utah — OF the posse of decorators who have come to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, riding in with truckloads of contemporary lounge furnishings to promote their designs and to give a Hollywood gussy-up to authentically rustic Park City, none has been busier than Barclay Butera.

Among his projects is a customized Airstream International CCD Bambi, a 19-foot metal trailer he recently purchased for about $40,000 from the same Irvine dealership where, he says, Matthew McConaughey and Julia Roberts bought theirs. It is a smaller version of the 28-foot trailer featured prominently as the residence of Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd on the ABC hit "Grey's Anatomy."

"The Airstream is a timeless piece of American design, a stainless-steel cocktail shaker on wheels," says Butera, 39. "So I turned the interior into the kind of hip lounge that young filmmakers and actors would love to have on location."

The designer's $15,000 in upgrades include black and white striped exterior canopy and window treatments, leopard print `carpeting, custom leather banquette cushions, linens with a Greek key pattern, and hand-beaded red velvet pillows.

Mixed with factory-standard stainless steel-ceilings and charcoal gray, wood-patterned laminate counters, Butera's design scheme has a Rat Pack nightclub vibe -- 1950s kitsch dressed in 2006 glitz -- that transforms the stark efficiency of the standard Airstream into a rolling boutique hotel room. "It's a very intimate space," he says of the 125-square-foot interior. "And if you're going to spend time in such small quarters, you want it to feel comfortable."

-- David A. Keeps

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