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Glam that is inborn, outsourced

January 27, 2006|Elizabeth Snead | Special to The Times

It's never too late to look your best, even in the middle of the Hollywood award season.

Say you weren't invited to (or nominated for) the People's Choice, the Golden Globes or this weekend's Screen Actors Guild Awards. You've still got time to do an about-face if you're invited to the upcoming Grammys, or the Independent Spirits and Oscars in early March.

According to the staff at the M Aesthetics Spa on Sunset, famous folks wait until just weeks before a big event to fill in wrinkles, erase brown spots and flush out the nasty toxins that keep them from looking fresh for the cameras. And surprise, Beverly Hills dentists report a deluge of patients asking for teeth whitening.

"We were jammed with stars who came in for treatments just days before the Golden Globes," said Angela Nice, M's paramedical aesthetician.

Like who? Paris Hilton (semipermanent faux eyelashes, airbrush tanning and endermologie body sculpting treatments), Daryl Hannah (endermologie), "Entourage" agent Jeremy Piven ("He practically lives here," says Nice), deceased (on the show) and "Lost" cutie Maggie Grace (again, those hot semipermanent lashes).

M spa's Red Carpet piece de resistance? A lymphatic drainage massage combined with endermologie, employing a machine that uses vibrating suction that's said to draw out toxins and extra fluids trapped in Hollywood's hardest-partying people. "It's a great fast way to get into that designer gown that's still just a tiny bit snug," said Nice. "We call it the zipper magic."


Punk princess

looks like a queen

Punk princess Avril Lavigne, now 21, attended her first Paris couture show Tuesday, showing up for Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel couture collection at the Grand Palais in the Louvre.

She's all grown up, but gosh, it's kinda sad to see the end of our little grungester's carefree Sk8er Girl wardrobe: self-ripped jeans, plaid minis, safety-pinned Ts, vests and men's neckties, some swiped from her dad.

Seated in the prestigious front row, Lavigne was all chic and polite in a black Chanel couture dress (from the fall collection, dahling). She carried a signature Chanel purse from the "Luxury by Chanel" collection.

Maybe she'll wear some Chanel stuff when she performs during the closing ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Turin, Italy, on Feb. 26.

She has already worn Chanel ... and Gucci in the February issue of Harper's Bazaar, which dubbed her "Twiggy for the 2000s." Maybe that's why savvy Katie Ford was escorting the punk popper around Paris.

Avril's got her blue eyes on an acting career. She'll make her voice acting debut in "Over the Hedge," based on a comic strip (with William Shatner and Bruce Willis), and will appear in "Fast Food Nation," starring Ethan Hawke and Greg Kinnear.


Deportment lessons pay off

Since it's award season, I'm gonna hand one out.

The winner of the most improved celebrity award of 2006 is -- drumroll, please -- Courtney Love!

At HBO's star-packed pre-Golden Globes party at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, Love was looking seriously slimmer; the former "Hole" singer appeared to have jettisoned about 40-plus pounds.

She was also quiet at the HBO party, where she was introduced by super publicist Jason Weinberg to a shorn Natalie Portman. Hard to imagine those two having much in common, but hey, you never know.

This was certainly better than her last public appearance, at Pamela Anderson's Comedy Central Roast last summer, when Love got onstage and roared that she was clean and sober before flashing her flabby belly to a horrified studio audience on the Sony Pictures lot.

Before the party, Love was at the Biolage Get Glam/Do Good suite in the Raffles L'Ermitage hotel in Beverly Hills, getting a deep-conditioning hair treatment and a fluffy blowout. Then she sat still for a free makeover from Armani cosmetics' celebrity makeup guru Tim Quinn.

Let's hope Love doesn't get off the road to recovery when she reads her mother Linda Carroll's just-published memoir, "Her Mother's Daughter: A Memoir of the Mother I Never Knew and of My Daughter, Courtney Love," with salacious snippets about the "magic pills" Courtney's dad made their daughter swallow and how a preteen Courtney got drunk on homemade apple wine at a family Christmas party.

No word on what Courtney thinks, but her manager told the New York Post the excerpts were "astonishing, and profoundly depressing." He said, "We strongly suggest that the book be viewed for what it is, a work of vicious and greedy fiction."


What's Mimi

supposed to do?

Finally the secret is out.

Mariah Carey wore a skintight B&W satin Chanel gown to the Golden Globes that had been designed and fitted on the sexy songbird in Paris by Karl Lagerfeld.

Curvy Carey had wanted to wear an Escada gown also specially made for her. But it didn't arrive in time. Seems the Escada gown was stuck in DHL delivery hell, according to Brian Rennie, Escada's design director, who let the news slip to a West Coast fashion editor last week.

Now we know why Chanel's Globes release (naming actresses in Chanel) didn't include Carey. They were as surprised as Escada was disappointed.

Snead writes "Styles & Scenes" as a blog for the Envelope (, a Times website devoted to Hollywood's award season.

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