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Watching protesters

July 05, 2006

Re "State Tracked Protesters in the Name of Security," July 1

The press uses and quotes terms like "spying" and "aggressive information gathering" as bad things. Isn't that what police officers do every day as they go about their business? I hope so. The 9/11 terrorists appeared to be doing nothing illegal until they turned airplanes toward their targets.

The press would be the first to blame the administration if it missed a clue in the name of civil rights. Frankly, I would feel more violated if an enemy crashed a plane into my city.


San Jose


The only thing worse than illegal snooping is partisan illegal snooping. The Times' examples of state Homeland Security-monitored political activities seemed entirely left of center. Were antiabortion, gun advocacy or border control rallies on the "security" list?


Huntington Beach

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