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Saving twins sparks spending controversy

July 05, 2006

Re "Who Pays for Twins' Dramatic Operation?" July 2

It's too bad that the compassionate care received by two children of non-U.S. citizens isn't received by all our citizens. Until we have socialized healthcare in this country, there will be profound inequity. My 21-year-old daughter can't afford the $1,500 in blood tests recommended by her doctor for a potentially serious condition.

Nice to know that we are willing to spend millions on non-U.S. citizens. Should my daughter sneak into Mexico and demand treatment?


Thousand Oaks


Who should pay for such a dramatic surgery is a valid question. Were we to be practical, I believe most would say we could spend the money better elsewhere. Emotionally, I believe most would say, "Do the surgery."

It is outrageous for us even to be forced to make a choice. It is obscene that members of Congress have excellent health insurance while millions have none. Billions of dollars for an unnecessary war and not a dime for even minimal universal care; this is unforgivable.



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