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Online help for eco-work

July 06, 2006

For more information about environmentally conscious building and decorating, try these websites:


Global Green USA: National organization promoting eco-friendly buildings and safe drinking water. Operates the Green Building Resource Center in conjunction with the city of Santa Monica, (310) 581-2700.

Energy Star: Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy partnership to promote energy-efficient products and practices. FAQ section covers a wealth of subjects such as how to receive a tax credit for replacement windows and what criteria manufacturers must meet to label washing machines as "high-efficiency." (The answer to the latter: none.)

Building Green: Often referred to as the Consumer Reports of green design. Some free content, plus an option to buy one week of access to expanded content for $12.95.

AIA L.A.: The Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Architects has a link to the LAMetro Green Map, a downloadable guide to sustainable design.

Built It Green: Berkeley-based website funded largely by the California Public Utilities Commission and regional governments. Includes a good explanation of the benefits of eco-friendly design plus a helpful FAQ section with topics such as windows, cabinets, insulation and sustainably harvested wood. Residents of the nine-county Bay Area can submit questions in the "Ask an Expert" section.

Energy & Environmental Building Assn.: Click on "EEBA Resources" or "Related Sites" for links to dozens of green design resources.

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