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There is room for roaming

July 06, 2006

I read the article about "cheating passes" with great amusement ["Roaming Is for Cellphones, Not Your Lover," by Brad Dickson, June 29]. As a wife and observer of highly successful males, I find it's the average male or female that freaks out about this because they are not comfortable financially so they extend their insecurity into sex.

Most women married to such men not only allow these passes but encourage them to make their men happy.

A snack or two does not kill a relationship.

If you are busy having a life and have a fun, intelligent partner, then you have zero insecurities about either partner sleeping with someone else.

Look at it this way: If you both had hundreds of eligible and accomplished people to choose from and you chose a particular person intelligently from that pool, then it's fairly unlikely you would find anyone a threat to your relationship since replacing either partner with equal or better is pretty impossible odds.


Los Angeles

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