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Changing bus routes without notification

July 09, 2006

Re "Bus Line Changes Reroute Business," July 1

Catching Spring Street public transit has become more dangerous with the change in routes from Spring Street to Main Street.

The change has disbursed bus riders to stops close to Needle Park and above Spring. More lighting and increased Los Angeles Police Department patrols simply aren't going to make the area safe enough after dark.

The intersection of Third and Spring streets, where the state building is located, is already so perilous that the Department of Justice employs security personnel to escort employees who work after dark to the parking structure directly across the street.

I'm sure those who changed the routes wouldn't want someone they cared about walking to or waiting for a bus near Third and Main streets, on the streets I now must traverse. I've been looking into self-defense classes and pepper spray in anticipation of winter darkness but will probably give up Metrolink, which I will no longer be able to reach safely.

Why were downtown employers, such as those at the state building, not given notice and opportunity to be heard about the change until it was a fait accompli?



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