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War history on display in Norway

July 09, 2006

WHAT a wonderful story by Beverly Beyette on Norway, and her cruise aboard the Finnmarken ["A Place of Jagged Beauty," July 2].

It brought back many equally wonderful memories of my trip on that same ship earlier this year.

I'm a World War II aficionado, and your readers might like to know that when the ship docks at Bodo, there's a fascinating aviation museum there. They not only have a British Mosquito fighter and a Vampire jet, but also a German JU 52 Seaplane -- all extremely rare aircraft to find in any museum -- as well as a U2 spy plane.

I'd also urge travelers in Honningsvag to take the 50-minute winding, twisting, turning bus route to the North Cape -- captivating not only because it's the farthest north you can go in Europe, but also because in World War II it was -- a few miles offshore -- the scene of one of that war's great sea battles, the sinking of the German battleship Scharnhorst by the British navy, and colorfully detailed in the North Cape Museum.

A trip on the Finnmarken is, as Beyette discovered, a great way to see and really enjoy the spectacular beauty, not only of all its fiords but also the country itself.


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