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Feed the soul, trim the fat

With bestsellers and networking, the Christian weight-loss movement is creating believers.

July 10, 2006|Elena Conis | Special to The Times

1. Relearn how to feed the stomach only when it is truly hungry.

2. Relearn how to feed or nourish the longing human soul with a relationship with God."

Gwen Shamblin, "The Weigh Down Diet"

* "[The] Genesis 1:29 diet of raw, living fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, is what gave God's human creation the ability to live that next 1,700 years after creation, to an average age of 912 years, without a single recorded incidence of sickness. But then, after the flood, man began to eat meat and cook his food, and the slow degeneration of the cells that comprised the physical bodies of mankind began in earnest."

George Malkmus (with Peter and Stowe Shockey), "The Hallelujah Diet"

* "God's body cannot be tricked; It must be looked on in awe. Diets that restrict foods or use only one kind of food category, such as a protein-only diet, may trick the body into change in the short term. However, they never work in the long term. Eliminating an entire food group cannot be healthy because God would not have placed those foods on the face of the earth in the first place if they were not to be eaten."

Dr. Ben Lerner, "Body by God"

* "Ask yourself these two key questions about everything you eat today:

1. Why do I eat this?

2. Would Jesus eat this?"

Don Colbert, M.D., "What Would Jesus Eat?"

* "The Bible implies a strong influence of butter and honey on brain function. 'Curds [butter] and honey He shall eat, that He may know to refuse the evil and choose the good" (Isa. 7:15).' The brain is made of mostly fat (which butter provides) and it runs on glucose (of which honey is an excellent source)."

Jordan S. Rubin, "The Maker's Diet"

* "Eating Food by Man on a regular basis is like going to your place of worship every day and tossing garbage and chemicals all over the altar of God's house. That's not right."

Dr. Ben Lerner, "Body by God"

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