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On Buffett's charitable sharing of his wealth

July 10, 2006

Re "Why give $31 billion to a few poor kids?" Opinion, July 2

No matter how many billions of dollars are given to the poor children of the world, the crude reality is that way too many babies are being born in societies that simply can't afford them.

From the point of view of the intellectual liberal, education is the key element to alleviate the problem, but the fact is that line of thought has brought virtually no change.

Until the privileged nations adopt a more radical position in regard to the reckless behavior of those highly reproductive countries, no amount of money will suffice to bring better standards of living. Feeling sorry for those kids shouldn't stop anyone from considering the root of the problem, and to come up with objective ideas that might bear long-lasting results.


Beverly Hills


Jonathan Chait asks, why give $31 billion to a few poor kids? I'll tell him why: because most of us in the United States are fortunate enough to have the things they don't.



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