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Israel's strategy, Palestinians' plight

July 14, 2006

Re "Israel Strikes Lebanon After Militants Capture 2 Soldiers," July 13

For the 13 years since the so-called Oslo Peace Accords, Israel has faced unprecedented terrorism. World opinion has forced it to rely on defensive efforts, physical deterrents and limited retaliation or offensive initiatives. No other nation in the world would have done this at the expense of thousands of its innocents. Hezbollah's unprovoked offensive and Hamas' continued terrorism have made it clear that there is no political solution to Palestinian terrorism, that international public opinion is never satisfied with Israeli concessions and that Israel should change its strategy and strive for a decisive victory.


Van Nuys


Re "Israel Says Only Hand-Over Will End Fight," July 11

As a Jew and as a reasonable person, I am heartsick over the recent human rights violation by Israel against the Palestinians. Israel bombed Gaza's electrical system and made all electric pumps inoperable, inflicting a collective punishment on the population. To devastate an entire population over the kidnapping of one soldier is beyond reason. America and its citizens must not stand by and do nothing about the cruelty taking place in Gaza. I am ashamed that my government and my fellow Americans remain silent on this. Our moral stature worldwide is undermined by our silence in this urgent matter.


Los Angeles

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