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Driving while talking on hand-held cellphones

July 17, 2006

Re "Gov. Says Hang Up and Drive," July 13

I read with utter disbelief about the governor's support for a ban on hand-held cellphones. The proposed legislation proposes a fine of $20 for the first offense and $50 for subsequent offenses. This has to be a joke, when driving illegally in the diamond lane draws fines in the neighborhood of $270.

The fines should be large enough to make people think twice about using their cellphones while driving.


Los Angeles


The mistake of failing to pay attention cannot be corrected by laws. Despite driving laws that respect pedestrians, I've seen people nearly get run over as they talk on a cellphone while crossing the street. Will the Legislature eventually make laws against talking on a phone while in a crosswalk?

The solution to reducing accidents is not wasting time creating more laws but instead in making regular public service announcements and doing what the governor does in his family: Be firm with new drivers about the risks of driving while talking on the phone.


Templeton, Calif.

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