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Immature logic in debate over hatred

July 17, 2006

Re "Their big idea is to hate Bush," Opinion, July 13

Again, Jonah Goldberg takes his neocon paintbrush, his two cans of paint -- one black, the other white -- and goes to town bashing liberals and progressives. The Republicans and neocons do indeed have some strong ideas, to Goldberg's point, but it is those ideas that got us in the pickle we're in as a nation. And if President Bush, the man sitting behind the desk where the buck allegedly stops, is the supporter or creator of those ill-conceived ideas, it follows that a fair amount of dislike will be present among those who are saddened by the direction in which our great land is going.


La Verne


When a grown-up rebukes or admonishes a child, the child will often come back with, "Why do you hate me?" That same immature logic has become the mantra of Bush's cheering section: that if you criticize anything about the president, or indeed about America itself, you do so solely out of "hate." This liberal's big idea is that we should pull politics out of the playpen.



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