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Politics and the police

July 18, 2006

Re "Tensions Flare Between Council, Chief Bratton," July 14

It seems clear to me that Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks is the problem. He's mad because L.A. Police Chief William Bratton replaced him and is doing a better job.

So what if Bratton says Parks doesn't know what he is talking about and to mind his own business? Bratton is probably right. Park's complaint only shows how vindictive he is.

Also, for Parks to use the race card is reprehensible. That tactic just doesn't cut it anymore.




The decision of some of our City Council members to pursue an investigation of recent comments made by Bratton is ultimately based on the personal agendas of some council members and does not serve any productive purpose. Such maneuvers are nothing new to the local politics of any municipality. The story always goes that the scoffers set out to critique and tear down the one who's getting something done -- usually because he makes them look bad.

This City Council has done little to help Bratton do his job well, and the LAPD has performed in spite of them.

Bratton just wants to get the job done, and the council should put personal issues aside and start helping him.


Los Angeles

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