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Perspective on Mideast draws fire from all sides

July 21, 2006

Re "Caught in the crossfire," Opinion, July 19

Saree Makdisi must think the world is blind to the tactics of Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist organizations. They do not present themselves as uniformed military combatants. They hide themselves and their weapons among civilians. The reality in this war is that when you kill terrorists, you also kill civilians. One can thank the cowardly terrorists and their supporters for this pitiful circumstance.


Pine, Ariz.


Makdisi writes of a "guerrilla operation against a military target" by Hezbollah "to capture soldiers as leverage for the release of some Lebanese prisoners Israel refuses to free."

Can Makdisi let us know how many "some" are? The number of Lebanese prisoners held in Israel is estimated to be three. Eight soldiers died for this? A little disproportionate, don't you think?


Cornwall, England


Makdisi's assessment of Israel's war crimes against Lebanon is tragically correct. The world should hold Israel responsible for every penny it takes to rebuild the cities and infrastructure Lebanon worked so hard to reconstruct. Shame on Israel and on President Bush for giving it the green light to wantonly destroy a nation that cannot defend itself.


Past President

Arab American Press Guild

Los Angeles

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