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Summit overlooks world's impoverished

July 21, 2006

Re "An unsatisfying summit," editorial, July 18

What a sad difference a year makes.

The Times correctly points out how easily the poor are forgotten whenever a seemingly bigger emergency pops up.

But the crisis of those living in abject poverty is every bit as big as the one boiling over in the Middle East right now.

Good intentions won't keep people from dying. Action will.




Rather than working to build on last year's promises, the G-8 nations adopted a flawed plan of action on energy security; they are pushing increased oil investment in developing countries despite research showing oil production and exports increase a country's debt burden, undermining debt relief. Additionally, the push for increased oil development is contributing to climate change, to which the poor are most vulnerable.

We must not allow the world's addiction to oil to undermine the fight against global poverty. In the months and years following this year's G-8 summit, we must demand a comprehensive, sustainable solution that focuses on renewable energy and puts an end to oil dependence and crushing debts.


Marina del Rey

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