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Local Calls in 310 Area Now Require 11 Numbers

July 26, 2006|Arin Gencer | Times Staff Writer

Residents of the 310, get your fingers ready.

Starting today, everyone who lives within the boundaries of the 310 area code will have to dial 11 digits -- 1 plus 310, then the seven-digit number -- when making a local call.

The new dialing procedure is another step toward implementation of the state's first area code overlay. Service providers are scheduled to begin distributing numbers with the new 424 code Aug. 26. Existing customers will keep their 310 numbers. A primer:

* What areas will be affected?

The 310 includes the Westside, South Bay, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Compton and Inglewood.

* What should I do to prepare for the change?

If you haven't already, reprogram your automatic and speed dials.

* Do I have to dial 11 digits from my cellphone?

No. You don't have to dial the initial 1. But you must dial the area code, then the number.

* What will happen if I don't dial the area code?

A recording will tell you to hang up and dial using the correct number of digits.

* Will this change how I dial emergency and information services?

No. Callers still dial only three digits for numbers such as 911, 411, 311 and 211.

* How will this change the cost of calls?

It won't, regulators say.

* What's behind the change?

State regulators said they approved a new area code last year because the 310 is running out of numbers. In the past, areas were typically split when numbers were nearing depletion.


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