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At odds over Israel

July 28, 2006

Re "Iraqi Leader, Bush Split on Israel," July 26

President Bush was right when he described his meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki as "a remarkable, historic moment." After all, a leader in the White House dared to criticize Israel.

Iraq's parliament called Israel's destruction in Lebanon "criminal aggression." With Israel allegedly dropping phosphorous bombs on civilians and precision-guided bombs on ambulances and United Nations observers, it might have a point. An outraged Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, called on Maliki to denounce terrorism -- as long as it's not Israeli terrorism. Go back to Baghdad, Mr. Maliki. Honest and courageous politicians like you have no place in Washington.


Costa Mesa


I am not supportive of either Hezbollah or Israel in the current crisis, but as a volunteer Democrat who is working hard for my party, I was surprised to see the reaction of congressional Democrats to the remarks of the leader of Iraq about the situation in Lebanon. If we claim to be a democratic nation, why are we so outraged to hear this man's opinion?


Thousand Oaks

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