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My Favorite Weekend: Caitlin Wachs

Forget the White House -- just give her the beach

June 01, 2006|Mark Sachs

CAITLIN WACHS was barely 3 when she first tottered onto the set of "Days of Our Lives" in 1992, but her career was off and running. Although just 17 now, she's appeared in scores of projects since her soap days, including the films "Air Bud," "My Dog Skip," "Inspector Gadget 2" and the remake of the "Family Affair" TV series.

Most recently, she has been playing the daughter of the president (Geena Davis) on "Commander in Chief."

The ABC series has been canceled, but the final two episodes will air the next two Wednesdays. Wachs already has an upcoming film, "The Legend of Mary Worth," in the can, and we see a weekend off in her future.

Italian for dinner

I think I'd start Friday night by going to Lino's, a restaurant that's near our family's house in Malibu. My dad took my mom there for Valentine's Day, and they liked it so much that they brought me there for my birthday in March. It's a great little Italian place that's so warm and intimate that you feel as if you're in somebody's living room. No ocean view, but it's what's inside that counts. I got the chicken with herbs and raspberry gelato for dessert, and it was all really delicious.

After that, if the moon was out, I'd go for a walk on the beach. I'm a guitar player and singer-songwriter, and I find that some of my best songs come from the inspiration I get walking along the beach.

On the ocean

On Saturday morning, I'll get up at 5:30 and head down to Third Point in Malibu with my surfboard. It's a classic surf spot, and they have a lot of big contests there. It's the same beach Gidget surfed at. I've been surfing since I was 9, and although I'm still not that great, I really enjoy it. A lot of girls started surfing after the movie "Blue Crush" came out, but then a lot of them found out how hard it is -- you can get pounded. The guys out there accept me pretty well. I've never had any scuffles.

I'll eat the lunch my mom helped me pack, or maybe go nearby to a place called John's Garden, where they make great sandwiches and salads. Then I'll go home, take a nice hot shower and have a cookout with friends and family as we watch the sun set into the ocean from our backyard.

Later, I might go to the Sunset 5 theaters with my girlfriends. I like psychological thrillers or strange, offbeat films like "Fight Club." But I also love the classics, and my favorite actress is probably Audrey Hepburn. After the movies, we could go to a cool coffee shop and sit and talk. I order steamed milk with a little bit of vanilla. The Coffee Bean in Santa Monica is fun, and if you stay long enough, you might see the Olsen twins.

Winding down

On Sunday, my mom will make a frittata for brunch along with some bacon or sausage. Sometimes we bring the dining room table into the backyard. Then my brother and I will go to Third Street Promenade and throw coins in the fountains. I might take photos or do some sketching. If it's cold, we'll go to the Broadway Deli for their great matzo ball soup. Later, I'll go to the Studio in Malibu for ballet or jazz class, or do Pilates to a tape at my house. After that, I'm pretty worn out, so we'll just watch "Roman Holiday' or "Casablanca" and relax.


-- Mark Sachs

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