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Hollywood Scandals Converging

A district attorney's investigator and others linked to a French con man may be victims of Pellicano's snooping.

June 07, 2006|Andrew Blankstein and Kim Christensen | Times Staff Writers

While two of Rocancourt's co-defendants in the passport case pleaded guilty, Rocancourt jumped bail and headed to New York, where he allegedly swindled some well-heeled residents of the Hamptons, who knew him as Christopher Rockefeller.

In March 2004, after being arrested and imprisoned for a year in Canada, Rocancourt pleaded guilty to passport fraud conspiracy in Los Angeles County Superior Court and was sentenced to five years in prison, the term to be served concurrently with two others for convictions in New York.

When he was released from a federal prison in Pennsylvania last October, authorities took him directly to the Philadelphia airport and put him on a British Airways flight to London, with a connecting flight to Paris. It was a one-way, first-class ticket.

"That's Christopher," said Sherman, noting that his former client is now collaborating on a movie about his life. He insists that Rocancourt is on the straight-and-narrow these days.

"Christopher would never do anything wrong again -- ever," Sherman said, not even pretending to keep a straight face: "I have a big smile."

But maybe it was Mueller who had the last laugh on Rocancourt.

"With him, it was 'Catch me if you can,' " Mueller said. "And we did."

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