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An ode to survival

June 18, 2006

JUST as thousands of people have gone through horror stories no different than Nathan Winters' and Victor Salva's, for me "Peaceful Warrior" shows us how to get through it all. I have seen this film three times now, and its message speaks to me and my own life every time I see it. It is a film about transcendence and overcoming the pain, suffering and hell that life presents to each of us. It is this inspiring theme throughout the film that speaks to the courage and strength within director Salva, who got up one more time than he fell down -- even with such a terrible act committed -- and found out that truly anything is possible as a Peaceful Warrior.



Kirkland is an actor, producer, director, teacher.


YOUR article deeply touched me. I'm not a firm believer in "forgive and forget." It's easier said than done. But I believe that Salva's past shouldn't interfere with his talent. Here we have a traumatized man, with weight and sexual issues, who committed a terrible crime and actually paid for it, which is not very common in Hollywood -- not only by going to prison but by living as a pariah in the following years.


Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil

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