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Right of way in Holland

June 18, 2006

I chuckled a bit when I read the article about biking in Holland ["Taking Holland for a Spin," May 28]. The reporter, Rosemary McClure, enjoyed the cadence and mesmerizing cycling. My story is a little different.

I went to Holland on a bike and barge trip the last two weeks of April. The second day of the trip was Easter. We were on a narrow road with metal plates covering holes on either side of the middle path.

An oncoming Hollander didn't move over for me, so instead of stopping, I tried to go right over the metal plate. I lost my balance, fell and went over the handlebars of the bike headfirst into a canal.

What a shock. The biker and his friend never stopped. I was lucky I wasn't killed. I think the canal saved me. Our tour guide said I was his first adult to land in a canal. I kept on biking, but I didn't like being around lots of traffic after that.


Long Beach


COMPLIMENTS are in order for photographer Gail Fisher, whose beautiful photographs accompanied the interesting article by McClure. Her pictured reflections of trees in the canal waters were outstanding. When I was considerably younger and could travel a bit, I yearned for scenes such as these to preserve in family photo albums. But I could never find them.

I hope to see more of Fisher's artwork in the days ahead.


La Habra

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