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J.A. Adande

Dallas Has Probably Bought Some Trouble

March 19, 2006|J.A. Adande

Then Rosenhaus described the nascent Jones-Owens relationship by saying: "These guys have fallen in love already. On the jet here the bond that they established -- and I'm referring to Terrell and Jerry -- was moving. Moving!"

I love Jones too. He's so image-conscious that his opening statement was all about selling the idea to the media and Cowboy fans who still haven't forgotten Owens mocking the star at midfield when he was a 49er.

Jones repeatedly talked about the need for businessmen to take risks, at one point saying: "This isn't buying bonds. This isn't an old maid's portfolio we're dealing with."

Later, he explained: "I want our fans to understand the logic. They may not agree with my decision or our decision, but I want them to understand the logic.... It's very important to me that nobody thinks I'm oblivious or I'm not sensitive or I just don't care. It's just the opposite."

We understand. He cares so much that he made a desperate move. The one thing Jones -- or the entire NFL, really -- can't have is for the Cowboys to be irrelevant.

That's the one thing we can guarantee won't happen with Owens around.

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