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The FBI and 9/11

March 22, 2006|On the Web For more letters see

Re "Agent Faults FBI on 9/11," March 21

I am angered and frightened by FBI Special Agent Harry Samit's testimony, under oath. The picture he painted is one of gross incompetence by many of the very agencies that are charged with the responsibility of preventing another act of terrorism within the United States. It appears that too many people in positions of management are more interested in communicating in ways that protect their jobs rather than the citizens they are hired to serve.

Equally as frightening is that we citizens are not being given any assurances that accountability is being demanded or that real learning has occurred as a result of the communication breakdowns.

The old adage "We see what we believe" has been proved true again.


Long Beach


More disturbing than the FBI's failure to act to prevent 9/11 is the failure to name the FBI officials who refused to act. There will be no accountability as long as people in our government can protect their careers and retirements by hiding behind anonymity.


La Canada Flintridge

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