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Perceptions about attacks on Christianity

March 28, 2006

Nora Gallagher's essay about the attacks on Christianity (Opinion, March 24) seemed to have tried hard to make it sound as if they are incessant and everywhere, that the persecution has been unrelenting since St. Paul wrote letters.

This is getting to be a remarkably old saw and honestly has become just plain wearisome. This past season's fabricated "attack on Christmas" was one example in a long list. It doesn't matter if a religious connection is made to a governmental entity or not. Most people simply don't care because there is no widespread or threatening attack on Christianity.

If the proliferation of Christian churches in Southern California is any example, the widespread attack on Christianity must be in serious decline.


Long Beach


Anti-Christianity is the last acceptable bigotry in America largely because it's perpetuated by the secular left in this nation's media and academia. However, Jesus said that to be a follower of his, persecution was part of the deal.

That said, Christians should not embrace Gallagher's mealy-mouthed faith that seeks the easiest road in order to skirt below the radar of the cultural "elites." Yes, the world hates people like me because I believe that chopping a human being into pieces inside a mother's womb is an abominable evil, and that homosexuality is far removed from God's plan and is condemned in the Bible.

Though I am imperfect and sinful myself, I cannot be quiet because people in West L.A. don't like what I have to say, and I am willing to vote my conscience. The world can mock or even kill me -- but water down the truth? Never.


San Gabriel

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