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A lesson or two in global economics

May 21, 2006

AS always, Mary McNamara's column is timely and right on the money ["When Europe Calls, There Are 10 Reasons to Answer," Kids on Board, May 14].

Our family just made summer plans to spend August in Japan with the exact rationale that McNamara used in her column. When I priced kids' camp for that month, it was actually less expensive to travel.

Now that our kids are older (10 and 12), travel just gets easier, especially because the toys required to keep them engaged get smaller, if not less costly.

Thanks, Mary, for always reminding us that traveling with kids just adds to the experience.


Los Angeles


SOMEONE ought to inform Mary McNamara that the American economy is not "ever-weakening." It is booming. I recommend she broaden her news sources so she recognizes when she's being misinformed.


Newport Beach

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