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What's so bad about baseball?

November 04, 2006

Jeff Weaver, World Series champion. Is this a great country or what?


Santa Monica


Thanks, Bill Plaschke, for informing me that I should be overjoyed that baseball has ended for the year. Now, I can get back to all the other major sports where mental and physical mistakes are never made. Weather conditions are a major part of any outdoor sport -- be it a driving snowstorm in Cleveland or 110-degree temperatures at the Rose Bowl.


Los Angeles


My hometown of St. Louis is famous for its friendly people and its beers. I regret that Bill Plaschke was apparently not treated to any of the latter by any of the former last week; perhaps it would have taken the unattractive edge off his bitter, grouchy World Series coverage.


Costa Mesa


Boy, that World Series was a real slugfest. Unfortunately for Fox, most people don't like to watch slugs.




Stu Nahan, sorry it has taken me so long to write back, but I've been busy.

Responding to your thoughts on Tim McCarver, the man has been the lead baseball analyst for three networks, and has worked 17 World Series. He is the best "first-guesser" in the business -- who else would have suggested that Tony La Russa remove right fielder Chris Duncan for defensive purposes in Game 5 before he botched a fly ball into a double? -- and he has won more Best Analyst Emmys than anyone this side of John Madden.

In my view, no other baseball analyst on television holds a candle to him.


President, Fox Sports


There are many reasons why the Angels did not succeed this year:

1. There is no sense of loyalty by the general manager or the owner: David Eckstein, Troy Glaus, Jim Edmonds, Scott Spiezio, Bengie Molina, Jeff Weaver. Now, Adam Kennedy. That attitude seeps down to the players.

2. The real value of a strong bench coach. Mike Scioscia was lost without Joe Maddon and the coaching showed it. If Bud Black leaves, look for a last-place finish.

3. A general manager who never takes a risk -- like the Cardinals' GM, for example.


Newport Beach

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