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Trinity's Winning Streak Ends at 31

October 01, 2006|Peter Yoon

So, maybe Oaks Christian High could beat Trinity College.

After Saturday, it's clear that the NCAA Division III team from Connecticut isn't invincible.

Trinity lost, 41-16, Saturday at Williams College in Massachusetts, ending the nation's longest winning streak at 31 games.

The loss came on the same day The Times ran a story on the front page of the sports section in which Matt Allen, a linebacker at Trinity and a former linebacker at Oaks Christian in Westlake Village, joked that a game between the teams would be close.

Saturday's game certainly wasn't. Williams held Trinity to 52 yards, scored 20 consecutive second-half points and never trailed. Trinity's last loss came in September 2002.

"The whole streak is such an external thing," Coach Jeff Devanney said. "The people involved in the program, we didn't put pressure on ourselves because of the streak. We put pressure on ourselves because we expect to be good."

Williams quarterback Pat Lucey said "it was only a game," but his coach, Mike Whalen, said otherwise.

"We went in and said it's an opportunity to play a great football team that's won 31 games in a row," Whalen said. "We talked about having the opportunity to put this team among some of the best teams in Williams College history. I think we did that today."

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