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Beck's new CD is not allowed on England's charts

October 05, 2006|Randy Lewis

Beck loaded up his new album "The Information" with a bonus DVD with homemade videos for each song and stickers that fans can use to create customized CD covers, all in the hope of giving consumers more reasons to buy it. So what happens?

In England, the album has been disqualified from appearing on sales charts because those extras give it "an unfair advantage" over less elaborate packages.

The ruling comes from the Official U.K. Charts Co., which establishes the standards for what charts and what doesn't.

The album, released Monday in the U.K. and on Tuesday in the U.S., won't have that problem at home.

"This does not run afoul of any Billboard chart rules and I am surprised it was a problem in the U.K.," Geoff Mayfield, director of charts for Billboard, said Wednesday.

Through a spokesman, Beck said he was disappointed at the situation in England but that chart position isn't his top priority with the new album.

"It's an unconventional package, but it shouldn't be penalized for that," he said via e-mail. "Any art on a CD is an incentive to buy and listen. Ultimately, it doesn't matter, the response from the fans has been so strong ... and that is the most important thing."

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