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In Search of Justice

October 08, 2006

Kevin Cooper was convicted more than 20 years ago of murdering almost an entire family ("Prison Without Walls," by Paula Priamos, Sept. 17). Yet he still lolls in San Quentin with hot meals and a clean bed. Why has a new execution date not been set? This is a flagrant miscarriage of justice.

John H. Gregory

San Clemente

My wife and I are former sailors, and we read Priamos' article with more than casual interest. We happened to be anchored on Santa Cruz Island when Kevin Cooper showed up on the scene years ago. We were immediately aft of the sailboat on which Cooper allegedly raped a woman. We had no idea of his past.

Priamos' article gave us chills. The horror of this man's murders are almost beyond description. Thank you for the article. May it help all of us to stay alert and be watchful of our own and our neighbors' safety.

Stuart Chalfant

Simi Valley

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