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Caution: Giggling Ahead

October 08, 2006|Jim Mateja | Chicago Tribune

Ask a silly question: Hagerty Insurance, which specializes in collector cars, asked customers to document the weirdest road signs they had seen this summer.

The top 10:

* Used Cows for Sale.

* Unattended Children Will be Given an Espresso and a Free Puppy.

* To Go Left, Make Three Right Turns.

* Entrance ONLY -- Do Not Enter.

* Duck Crossing (picturing a horse).

* Beach Access -- No Water.

* One Way (with arrows pointing in two directions).

* Bottomless Pit: 65 Feet Deep.

* You'll Never Get to Work on Time (in a construction zone).

* Caution, This Sign Has Sharp Edges.

For the rest:

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