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A Guide to Hunting for Growth Stocks

October 15, 2006|Tom Petruno | Times Staff Writer

Afraid of missing out if big-name growth stocks are reviving?

A logical first step is to look at what you already own, including what you have in a 401(k) savings plan. If you own a fund that is classified as a large-capitalization growth fund, you'll have to decide whether its holdings give you the kind of growth exposure you want.

Because one fund manager's growth stock is another's value stock, it's possible you may already own many classic growth issues in multiple funds.

If you believe you're lacking growth exposure, Morningstar Inc. recently identified a number of funds that it considered to have solid prospects.

Here are some of the picks, including ticker symbols, websites and phone numbers:

* ABN AMRO/Montag & Caldwell Growth. Ticker symbol: MCGFX. Website: (800) 992-8151.

* Harbor Capital Appreciation. HACAX. (800) 422-1050.

* T. Rowe Price New America Growth. PRWAX. (800) 225-5132.

* Vanguard Growth Equity. VGEQX. (800) 997-2798.

Also, Morningstar's website ( has a number of free features if you're researching fund data.

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