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Governor No

October 15, 2006|SWATI PANDEY

Although some Republicans have accused him of being overfriendly with the Democratic-controlled Legislature (and even of being a closet Democrat) Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a higher percentage of bills in his reelection year than any of his recent predecessors.



Gov. Ronald Reagan

Veto percentage in 1970: 4.4

Gov. Jerry Brown

Veto percentage in 1978: 3.31

Gov. George Deukmejian

Veto percentage in 1986: 17.29

Gov. Pete Wilson

Veto percentage in 1994: 19.32

Gov. Gray Davis

Veto percentage in 2002: 18.35

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Veto percentage in 2006: 22.35

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